Planning a wedding Safari in Tanzania ?

Legal Tanzania weddings can be arranged in the Serengeti, at Ngorongoro Crater or anywhere you choose (or mock weddings/blessings).

There is nothing quite as romantic as an Out of Africa-inspired wedding deep in the bush Wildly romantic – how else to describe a wedding set in the heart of the Serengeti, one of nature’s most celebrated and compelling sites? Whether you share your time in the savannah with family and friends or make it just the two of you, our expert team will ensure your special day is everything you’ve dreamed of, transitioning seamlessly to an unforgettable safari honeymoon.

Tanzania wedding – Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge Wedding Package. Get married at the world-famous Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania.


Tanzania is also home to Mount Kilimanjaro.  Which happens to be Africa’s highest mountain, standing tall at  this place screams EPIC!  Ultimate bragging rights await you if you dare to adventure here to have a Kilimanjaro wedding!  Although our team has not had a couple brave enough to commit to the hike, we are open to crafting a unique options if you’re brave enough to try!  Plus our Tanzania elopement photographer would be thrilled to follow you up there for epic Kilimanjaro wedding photos!

The advantages:

Getting married in TANZANIA presents a number of advantages:
Beautiful weather more or less guaranteed
A choice of stunning backdrops
Honeymoon venue and wedding venue combined
Special packages for your guests
The opportunity to get married with either minimal numbers of guests or no guests
The chance to turn your wedding into a holiday
All the planning can be done by the hotel.
East African hotels and lodges are famous for the excellence of their cuisine, the warmth of their staff and the lengths to which they are delighted to go to – to make your wedding as special as they can.

The cost:

We will be delighted to offer you a selection of wedding and honeymoon venues, with attached safaris. All you need to do is let us know what you have in mind. We can also book all flights from your country of destination and organize all the ground arrangements for you.

When to book:

Bookings for weddings should be made as early as possible (the hotel reserves the right to accept wedding reservations to a maximum of two per day). Most hotels will not accept reservations between December 24th and January 4th, or over Easter or on any other public holiday.


It is not necessary for couples to visit any EAST Africa authorities in advance of the event: all the arrangements can be done by the hotel. In order that a legal ceremony be carried out by an EAST Africa registrar, however, the following documents must be sent to us (faxed or as email attachments) at least a month before the wedding.
• Copies of birth certificate of the bride and groom.
• Copies of passports for bride and groom.
• Details of profession of bride, groom and parents from both sides.
• Documents of eligibility from their local parish or lawyer (should one of them be a divorcee a copy of the DECREE ABSOLUTE is required).

The registrar:

In order to comply with official requirements, a copy of a letter requesting his/her presence at the event must be received by the registrar three working days before the wedding ceremony. This must include the signatures of both the bride and groom.

Wedding locations:

We offer a wide range of wedding and honeymoon locations in East Africa, such as
Tanzanian national parks
Balloon weddings
Safari weddings
Beach weddings
Maasai weddings

The bridal bouquet:

Most beach or city hotels will typically offer either a traditional teardrop bouquet or a posy (round), the colours of which can be themed to match the bridal theme. We suggest the following type of flowers: roses, carnations, lilies (seasonal), Enthuriums or Lysianthus. Traditional safari lodges do not have access to flowers, but can usually arrange to have them flown in: this must be planned in advance.

Pre-wedding preparations:

The majority of the larger hotels will have their own beauty salon and hairdressing salons, which tend to have considerable experience in presenting bridal ‘looks’. We would suggest that the bride hold consultations with both hairdresser and beautician before the big day. Many hotels also offer spa facilities, some of which provide the couple with their own private suite and selection of pre-event massages and holistic relaxation therapies.

Private dining:

Most standard wedding packages include a romantic dinner for two and a honeymoon breakfast: the venues vary depending on the location of the hotel or safari lodge. Most lodges and tented camps will also be pleased to serve private meals on the verandah or terrace of the room.

Music and dancing:

Most venues can provide music, dancing, choirs, disco etc. Alternatively they will be happy to play your own CD of music. Traditional dancers, typical of the region of your choice can also usually be provided.

Wedding receptions:

Most hotels and lodges are expert in providing large scale banquets with menus that are tailored to your exact specifications. Most will also supply wines and toasts or pre-event cocktails.

Family and friends:

The hotel of your choice will be more than happy to offer you a special rate for the accommodation of your family and friends.

On the day:

Typically, the hotel or lodge will arrange for the Registrar to be transferred from the nearest town (and back again after the ceremony). They will also arrange for the flowers to be delivered to the bride and groom. The wedding venue will be set up, usually with a decorated palm arch and flowers, there will also be a bridal desk (for the signing of the register) and two bridal chairs for the couple – plus seating for the registrar and other guests. The cake and champagne will be served at the wedding venue (after the ceremony). Witnesses can be provided if required (who will also shower the couple with rose petals after the ceremony). The photographer will be present throughout.

Wedding photography and DVDs:

Most hotels will provide a competent photographer who will capture the entire event and submit a final CD or, if you prefer, prints in a presentation album. With sufficient notice, the hotel will also usually be able to arrange for a competent video operator.

Your perfect venue :
A breath- taking landscape of mountains, lakes, oceans and wildlife parks.

KIAfrika adventure wedding professional have the expertise to ensure your happy ever. After starts long before you say ” I DO”.

Talented, knowledgeable and creative local professional are at your service. Wedding planner; they’re all there to make sure your wedding in KIAfrika adventure is just how you imagined it.

in KIAfrika adventure the hardest part is deciding where to celebrate.

This stunning destination is one of the most dramatic and romantic places on earth, with everything you need right here, to help you create the most beautiful day imaginable

Legal Tanzania weddings can be arranged in the Serengeti, at Ngorongoro Crater or anywhere you choose (or mock weddings/blessings).

Tanzania offers countless exotic, romantic and fascinating locations for you to have your wedding. Experience a unique wedding beyond your wildest dreams in the heart of Africa.

The friendly people of Tanzania, together with the country’s breathtaking scenery, make Tanzania a magical destination in which to get married. You can even have your wedding blessed in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro – Africa’s highest mountain.

To get married in Tanzania (Civil or Religious Wedding) you require the following important documents:

Step 1 – you need to get a letter of no impediment from your home country.
This legal document (translated into English) must state that there is no impediment to your marriage because:
• you were never married before, or
• you are divorced (relevant divorce certificate(s) attached), or
• you were widowed (relevant death certificate(s) attached.

A Certificate of No Impediment must be completed and notarized by a notary public. In Tanzania, the Consular Section at the Embassy can serve as the notary. You should also have your Birth certificate. If you will marry in a church, you will probably need a letter from your home Pastor/Priest.

Step 2 – Apply for notice of your marriage or a ‘special marriage license’
You must first contact the Office of the District Commissioner nearest to your wedding location to notify the government of your intention to get married. We will provide this information when you book your wedding through KIAfrica Adventure.

At the Registrar of Marriages you must complete the necessary forms, pay the fee and submit the following documents:
• notarized copy of passports,
• the Certificate of No Impediment, and
• two passport photos each.

Once your have notified the Registrar you must wait twenty-one days so that persons with adverse information may register their complaints. While this old tradition that has pretty much died out in Western countries, it is part of Tanzanian law.

To avoid the twenty-one day waiting period, you may get a waiver by applying for a “Special Marriage License” from the local Registrar of Marriages. After completing the application form for “Special Marriage License” and paying the fee, the Registrar can issue the license and you can be married at any point.

Step 3 – The Wedding
After twenty-one days or the granting of the “Special Marriage License,” you need to schedule a time for your wedding with the Registrar of Marriages. The civil ceremony can be done at the Registrar’s office during working hours or you can arrange a time for the Registrar to come to your location (this will require an extra fee and transportation costs for the government officials). At the actual ceremony, the couple must have two witnesses of their choosing (resident or non-resident). A Tanzanian Marriage Certificate (in duplicate) will be issued upon completion of the ceremony.

Religious services must be arranged with the religious organization of your choice. The requirements for religious weddings vary from one organization to the next, so you must contact the selected faith to discuss the process prior to the wedding.

Step 4 – Apply for an international certificate of Marriage
This legal document is more readily accepted outside of Tanzania as proof of your marriage. This certificate can be obtained from the Registrar of Marriages. There is a fee of approximately 22,000 Tanzania Shillings for entry into the Register of Foreign Marriages and an additional 7,000 Tanzania Shillings 7,000 for the International Marriage Certificate. The Tanzanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs can endorse the International Marriage Certificate. While both the certificate and the endorsement are optional for US citizens & UK citizens, you should clarify with your spouse’s home country to verify if it needed in that country or for immigration purposes.

The above is just a guideline and as laws/procedures may change at any time, it is best to check this with your consultant at the time of booking your wedding.


Above all, having an experience driven wedding day really amps up the memories especially in the African bush!  Likewise, with our Your Adventure Wedding planning and photography team, an elopement in Tanzania could look something like this…

Example Serengeti Elopement Schedule:

5-6am It’s your Tanzania wedding day!  Wake Up in your luxury Serengeti safari accommodation.

6-6:15am Coffee and Snack Time!

6:15-6:30am Load into your private safari truck for a morning game drive.

6:30-9am Private Game Drive!  Your Tanzania Elopement Photographer will capture the experience while you can just enjoy it!

9-10am Breakfast in the bush overlooking an elephant watering hole!

10-11am Relax

11-12:30pm Hair and Makeup!

12:30-1pm Get your fabulous Tanzania wedding attire on!

1-1:30pm Meet your private helicopter to embark on your Serengeti elopement!

1:30-3pm  Tour the area from the air!  Mountain top landing, Tanzania wedding photos, and romantic lunch in the African bush!

3-3:30pm Return to your East Africa safari wedding hotel in the Serengeti.

3:30-4pm  Serengti wedding ceremony on the property of the hotel overlooking the elephant watering hole.

4-4:30pm Champagne Toast and wedding photos around the property!

4:30-7pm Evening game drive.  Note: The photographer will be in a separate safari truck to be able to take wedding photos of you guys in your private truck.  Also note there will be a few “safe” areas designated by the guide where you will be able to get out of the truck and take photos in the landscape.  But photos with animals will only be taken while inside of the truck.

7-7:30pm Sundowner drinks and snacks!

7:30-8pm Drive back to your East Africa safari wedding hotel!

8-9pm Rest and Refresh!

9pm-? Styled private dinner for you two in the bush followed by a intimate fire and drinks!

Sound like fun to you?  If so, our team would love to craft a unique Serengeti elopement experience for you two!  Feel free to contact us for more information!

Tanzania wedding – Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge Wedding Package. Get married at the world-famous Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania.

Legal weddings are hard to find in this area (most are only blessings) but at Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge, we can make your dream of a romantic wedding at Ngorongoro Crater a reality.

Regularly voted one of the best hotels in the world, this unique lodge clings to the rim of the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater, the largest and most perfect volcanic crater on Earth. Long and low, the lodge is built from local river stone and camouflaged with indigenous vines. Designed to blend completely into the landscape, it is entirely invisible from the floor of the Crater 600 metres below.

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area boasts the finest blend of landscapes, wildlife, people and archaeological sites in Africa so your Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge wedding will be truly memorable for you and your guests.

Known as ‘the eighth wonder of the world’ the Ngorongoro Crater is one of Africa’s best-known wildlife arenas. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it offers a unique biosphere, which has remained virtually unchanged since the dawn of time. Deep within the Crater, enclosed by towering walls, some 25,000 large mammals wander the plains, lakes and forests of ‘the land that time forgot’, dominated by enormous bull elephants, rhinos and lions.

Hugging the contours of the jagged Crater rim, the lodge takes its inspiration from the so-called ‘Cradle of Mankind’, the prehistoric site of Olduvai Gorge, which lies close by. Linked by arched stone passages and timbered decks, its walls are decorated with stylized prehistoric cave paintings and lit by flaring torches. At the stone heart of the lodge burns a glowing fire, which is kept constantly alight. Decorated with cave paintings, the rooms are strung around the Crater rim. Each has its own rock-enclosed balcony, and all enjoy completely uninterrupted views of the volcanic amphitheatre far below.

Getting there
The Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area, lies immediately adjacent to the Serengeti National Park and 180 kilometres from Arusha.
By road: transfers by road from Arusha take approximately 4 hours.
By air: there is an adjacent airstrip and a ‘meet and greet’ and transfer service is offered.


75 rock-built rooms with panoramic private balconies
Rock built dining room and bar with central fire
Extensive viewing terraces
Game drives into the Crater daily
Wedding planning and honeymoon venue
Gift shop, business centre, WiFi
Tented conference centre
Extensive selection of sports and activities
Cultural dance and music
TV room with satellite TV.

Wedding Ceremony can be done in the evening at:
a)    a private area within the Lodge with a nice Crater view,
b)    at Seneto Crater view point,
c)    Lake Eyasi view point,
d)    Maasai Village or Maasai Boma (Oloirobi Boma).

The best and more popular site for wedding ceremonies is the Seneto site at the rim of the Crater. This has the best view over the Crater and Maasai Plains.

We will handle all formalities from the registrar, the wedding cake to the champagne.

Wedding Ceremony in the Maasai Boma:
Prior arrangement has to be done, so that the Maasai Boma to be identified and booking for the boma, which includes time for the Ceremony to start and duration.
On arrival to the Boma, the Bride and Groom welcomed by young Maasai girls (shangikis) and boys (Morans), singing romantic Maasai songs. They will be taken to a special place for dressing Maasai’s wedding attire.
The Maasai elders will lead a blessing ceremony followed by dance entertainment.
Maasai dance entertain while other activities is taking place, (this includes Champagne and Cake presentation)

A normal wedding Ceremony can be done in the evening at Seneto Crater view point or Lake Eyasi view point.

Guests arrive in a stylish convoy
The entourage is welcomed by the Maasai Moran and escorted to the  venue
The Registrar and or the Pastor performs the logistics
A cake is presented and a bottle of Champagne to the Bride and groom while staff sing special romantic congratulations songs.
The Maasai dancers also entertain during the ceremony.

Standard wedding package can start from US$2100 (without charges for registrar to officiate) – this is ideal if you don’t want to the legalities in Tanzania but is only for the very basics so this rate will be higher once you add a few extras..

The Full Wedding Package Cost:- from about US$5200
•    Marriage certificate fees/government fees
•    Registrar fees
•    Transport charges for the Registrar
•    Hire of church ministers
•    Accommodation for a registrar
•    Wedding cake
•    Bottle of Sparkling wine
•    Fruits and flowers in the room
•    Valet service and assistants
•    Maasai Boma/view point charges
•    Sundowner cocktail for the bride/groom and best maid/man
•    Basic Decorations
•    Incidentals/Logistics

Please note the above does not include the following:-
Accommodation for bride, groom and other guests.
Park fees for bridal couple and their party.
Crater service fees.


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