Soar silently over the Serengeti Plains and see with an eagle-eye as you head into the sunrise. After a safety briefing, you will be taking on an hour-long flight of a lifetime! View the park landscape and animal migration from this new and awe inspiring vantage point. Your pilot will also be your guide, pointing out wildlife and features along the way.

After this breathtaking experience, savor a sparkling wine and gourmet breakfast cooked by a chef over the balloon’s burner.

Serengeti balloon rides are available:

Serengeti  balloon safari:
Year round: Central Serengeti (Seronera)
Serengeti South (Ndutu): from the end of December until the end of March
Western Corridor: from the beginning of June until the end of September
Tarangire National Park
Please note these balloon rides are not suitable for children under the age of seven.

Serengeti Balloon Safaris can be added to the following itineraries:


Known as the Cradle of Mankind, the Oldupai Gorge in the eastern Serengeti is an important archaeological site where early evidence of Palaeolithic man was discovered in the 1930s. Here it was that man’s ancestors first started to use stone tools and evolved into Homo sapiens. See the fossilized footprints that revealed when pre-humans first walked upright, and a host of discoveries vital to our understanding of our evolution, as you enjoy the beauty of this age-old landscape. Visit the Olduvai Gorge Museum and let our well-informed guides show you the highlights of this extraordinary historical site.


The crocodiles that live in the Grumeti River are renowned as the largest in Africa. Feasting on the casualties from the river crossings of the wildebeest, they can grow up to six meters long! There is an enthralling and dramatic tension in watching the wildebeest gather themselves to cross the river, as the crocodiles float nearby, awaiting their chance for dinner.

This fearsome predator has a loving nature to its young. Although most reptiles leave their eggs and move on, Nile crocodiles ferociously guard their nests until the eggs hatch.

The Nile crocodile will wait for hours and even days for the suitable moment to attack. Once their prey has come close enough, the fast moving Nile crocodile with its powerful jaws and sharp teeth create a grip that is almost impossible to escape from. They can easily hold down even large prey underwater to drown them.

If you time your visit just right, you can watch the spectacular sight of wildebeest versus crocodiles. Between May and August, when the great wildebeest and zebra migration crosses the Grumeti River, the Grumeti crocs are waiting to feed. In fact, they’ve been waiting a long time. Witnessing this age old battle of survival is simply a magnificent sight indeed.

Throughout the year, crocodiles, lions, cheetah, hyenas, and leopards are plentiful in the area.

The crocodiles of the Grumeti are gigantic and worth seeing.

When is the best time of year for  Serengeti balloon safari?

We are fortunate that the weather in the Serengeti is suitable for ballooning almost every day of the year. We fly in the following areas every morning:

Central Serengeti : Year Round

Ndutu Area, Ngorongoro Conservation/Serengeti: 20 Dec – 31 March

Western Serengeti: June – October

Northern Serengeti: 01 July – 15 November

Safari wildlife viewing varies depending on the time of year and location, and the wildebeest migration moves through the ecosystem year-round so although there are no guarantees, if you’re in the right place at the right time, you have a good chance of seeing plenty of wildlife.


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