Volcano tour in Tanzania

South of lake natron is the eastern Rift valley of north Tanzania, lies Mount OL DOINYO LENGAI ( locally regarded as the sacred mountain of God in the Maasai language). An active volcano. At 2878 meters.Mt. Ol doinyo lengai is the only known volcano in the world that sometimes erupts Natrocarbonatite lava a highly fluid lava that contains almost no silicon. Natrocarbonatite lava (most fluid lava). Is also much cooler that other lava. During the day most of this lava flows look like fluid black oil some feel the lava flows resemble mud like flows. Natrocarbonatite lava turns white almost immediately whilst the whitening takes longer during the dry periods.MOUNT OL doinyo lengai also has phases of explosive activity during which the composition of the lava many contain much more silicate material with this type of eruption, initial phases of the eruption many include strong lava fountains but usually there is no fluid lava and ash eruptions accompanied by ejections of rocks and explosions occurs. The two most recent eruptions of this type occurred during 1966 – 1967 and 2007 – 2008. Almost without fail, about every seven years ol doinyo lengai erupts and plumes of smoke billowed out of the crater. At other time its possible to walk down into the crater, almost to the molten lava flows.

Viewers in the north from its summit crater lies the hot barren salt flotsam of lake Natron stretch into the distance, beyond lies the Kenyan border. The day temperatures by the lake often exceed 40°c and a few animals survive here with the flamingo nesting on the salty surface on upraised mounds. The view on the East is dominated by MT.KILIMANJARO and to the west the forested escarpments and hills comprising the western slopes of the Great Africa Rift valley. To the south stretches the crater highlands Ngorongoro being one of the prime wildlife conservation areas in Africa. The ascent of ol doinyo lengai is demanding on account of the day time heat, lack of water, steep and unstable slopes of ash crumbly rocks. An early start is recommended and the best approach is from the west where the morning sun can be avoided for a while.

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