Kilimanjaro food


Our team of experienced chefs take great pride in serving delicious and nutritional meals as listed below on Kilimanjaro Food Menu lists. All of our menus have been specifically planned to provide you with necessary energy, nutrients and keep you hydrated.

Our menus are always improving and we always have new dishes being introduced accordingly and you can have any of special requirements before climb even if you aren’t a vegetarian. What about have birthday cakes during the climb or a Christmas, New Year cards and cakes at the top of Kilimanjaro!

Up Top Trekking employs experienced mountain chefs who prepare food that is both delicious and healthful, the perfect (and very necessary!) fuel to power your successful climb to the summit. We use locally-purchased ingredients, including seasonal fruits and vegetables, and our hot breakfasts/dinners, packed lunches, and snacks are made fresh daily by your cook/s. Hot drinks are also provided at breakfasts, dinners, and some lunches (the latter depends on your route). Portions are generous, and we encourage climbers to eat all that they can, especially at higher altitudes when many people tend to have decreased appetites. It is also important to drink extra water every day, which will be collected and provided to you by your porters (water tablets?).

Please let us know when booking if you have any special dietary requests or allergies, as we are happy to cater to your needs!

We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions or requests on of Kilimanjaro food menu. If your climb is over a special occasion for a birthday, anniversary or romantic marriage proposal we can also arrange cakes, champagne or something extra special, just let us know.

At KIAfrica Adventures, we understand the importance of healthy, nutritious and tasty meals while on the trek. Here is a sample of the food you can expect while on the trail.

Great food and plenty of fluids are essential ingredients, both physically and psychologically, to make your Kilimanjaro climb rewarding. At high altitudes, staying properly hydrated is essential for your health and helps prevent altitude sicknesses. Lots of teas and delicious soups will supplement your daily water intake so drink and eat as much as you can – we provide plenty of both.

It is also recommended that you bring some of your own trail snacks to eat, especially for your summit night. Anything lightweight and low-calorie is good, and energy or granola bars, chocolate, candy, cookies, crackers, nuts, and dried fruit are all popular choices. Be sure to choose things that you really like, because you’ll need extra incentive to keep eating if you find your appetite decreasing at high altitude. Adding drink crystals such as Gatorade, Crystal Light, or Tang to one of your water bottles may also encourage you to consume extra fluids, and they often taste especially delicious on a hard day of hiking!





• Tea, Drinking chocolate, Milo, Coffee, Biscuits, Milk


• Porridge – Oath porridge, Finger millet porridge, Maize porridge, Semolina (sooj) porridge

• Fruits – Sorted fruits plate, Fruits platter, Selected Fruits

• Toasted Bread, French toasted

• Omelette – Onion omelet, Plain omelet, Spanish omelet, Scottish eggs (over easy)

• Fried sausages, Fried bacon, Grilled sausage

• Cheddar cheese

• Tanzania tea, Drinking chocolate, Coffee, Decaffeinate, Milk (Nido)

• Pan cakes

• Sauté potatoes

• Fried mushroom

• Lunch Box

• Juice packet

• Biscuits

• Piece of fruits

• Chocolate

• Portions cheese

• Queen cakes

• Bread sandwich

• Sweetness(pipi)


• Soups

• Creamed of herbal parcel

• Creamed of mixed vegetables

• Creamed Zucchini

• Clear of onions served with cheese crouton

• Creamed of celery & carrot

• Clear whole chicken garnish with sweet corn & basil herbal

• Salads

• Green lettuce, avocados, ring of onions dressed with vinaigrette

• Coleslaw, cabbage, onions, carrot

• Cabbage, onions coated with cream

• Carrot & onions dressed with lemon & olive oil

• Pancakes

• Vegetables and Toasted cheese

• Pan-fried of rings of Irish potatoes

• Sweet potatoes

• Cucumber, tomatoes & spring onion led with herbal olive oil

• Hard boiled eggs, stuffed with egg yolk and tomato ketchup

• Beef piece & veg piece

• Sweet breads

• Hard biscuits, Pringles, Potatoes crisp

• Cucumber, tomatoes & onions cream with mayonnaise

• Hard chocolate


• Deep fried chicken

• Deep fried of fish finger- served with tartar source

• Pan Fried – Chicken saved with Moroccan spaghetti)

• Fish gouyon (fish butter) garnished with lemon slice saved with French fried

• Grilled chicken


• Fruit slice, Fruit platter, Fruit Salad

• Veg fuss ills

• Tea, Coffee, Drinking chocolate, Milo, Milk (Nido)


• Tea, Coffee, Drinking chocolate, Milo, Milk (Nido)


• Soups

• Cream of cucumber and potatoes

• Cream of celery soup

• Cream of leeks

• Green paper and port soup

• Creamed of zucchini and potatoes

• Creamed of ginger soup

• Creamed of garlic soup

• Vegetable soup


• Grilled beef served with Gravy sauce garnished with grilled tomatoes

• Beef stroganoff

• Fried chicken

• Spiced meat ball with creamed pomodoro sauce

• Mincemeat wit bolognaise source

• Chicken chaseau

• Grilled Beef fillet-Saved with Creamed mint sauce

• Chicken fricassee, with coul, tomato sauce


• Lyonnais potatoes

• Vegetable rice

• French fries

• Macaroni with cheese

• Spaghetti pomodoro

• Turmeric rice

• Vegetables Rice

• Deed fried potatoes


• Fresh beans and carrot with coconut sauce

• Cauliflower and carrot

• Coleslaw

• Seasonal green beans with cream sauce

• Braised cabbage

• Mixed vegetables

• African pride-Red finger, (ngogwe or better tomatoes)

• Creamed of cauliflower & carrot


• Banana fritters

• Queen cake glassed with chocolate source

• Grape suzettes and pancake

• Creamed Caramel

• Custard pudding

• Bread and buttered pudding

• Cake

• Fruit salad

• Fresh fruits

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