Beautiful  mount kilimanjaro  100 heards of elephant Africa .

In  photograph,  the kilimanjaro . This is how elephants are meant to live; grazing in the open plains, unrestricted,  relaxed in harmony with nature, with  the family close by. Once you understand them, seeing an elephant on a zoo is a heartbreaking experience as you realize they many look the same, but internally  they have lost all that it is to be a wild elephant.

What about kilimanjaro specifically? Elephants have lived on mountain for thousands of years and through population have dwindled,  there is still evidence of herds in the forests.

If you want one of those classic pictures with elephants  or giraffe in front of Kibo peak, then you better book a safari in Amboseli national park in Kenya. Mind you, Amboseli lies at the foot of mount kilimanjaro,  towards  the north. If you climb kilimanjaro on the Rongai route you may get lucky,  as on rare occasions some of the wildlife does venture up kilimanjaro.  But if you want to climb a mountain and see lots of wildlife, climb Mt. Meru  in Arusha national park Tanzania.

” Treating yourself to a real elephant  safaris “

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