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For those pressed for time, this two day and one night safari parks in two of Tanzania’s  most beloved national parks. You will  have the chance to see the big five and plenty more as you travel to these two wonderful  parks.

Tarangire national park,  home of Tanzania’s  largest elephant  population,  is a fascinating park during the dry season when the Tarangire river becomes a vital source of water for animals throughout  the region. As vast herds of wildebeest and zebra move to the river to replenish,  the parks lions, leopards and hyenas capitalise in a dynamic  display  of natures cruel beauty.

It’s  then on to the world famous Ngorongoro conservation area, where cape buffalo, rhinoceros and hippopotamus can be spotted amid the caldera’s verdant plains. A picnic  lunch by the hippo  pool is a rare  treat, allowing  you to have a meal  within a few dozen feet of those  intimidating  herbivores.

DAY 1 ::  Moshi / Arusha – Tarangire  national  park. You’ll depart from Moshi after Breakfast  for the approximately  3 to 2 hours drive to Tarangire  national park, along the way you will pass busting  Maasai villages and the vast, open plains that have become synonymous with images of Africa.

Once you have entered Tarangire,  you will begin  your game drive across  a rich vista of endless golden Savannah that surrounds the  Tarangire river. The river itself  runs through out the year and is a vital source of water for the animals of the region during  the dry season. Lined with acacia and baobub trees,  the river is regularly  visited  by the park’s  large elephant population  as well as other herbivores  such as zebras and antelopes.

A picnic lunch with a view  of the river is a great way to take it all in, but you’ll have to keep your toes as the local monkey population does it’s best to separate  you from your lunch.

Driving through the park you’ll also have the opportunity to  see lions,  leopards,  Cape buffalo and a huge variety of antelopes. If you’re particularly lucky, you might even see endangered animals such as the Grreater kudu or the fringed eared oxyx.

After you days drive is done, you will retire to your accommodation for the evening.

DAY 2: Ngorongoro  crater:

Sometimes  considered as the 8th wonder of the world.

Home to over 120 species of Mammals  including the fabled  Big five, the Ngorongoro  conservation area is the most sought after safari  destinations in the world. It’s a particularly good place  to see the endangered black rhinoceros enjoying  a lonely meal out on the grass plains,  ad well as place to see large  numbers of hippopotamus  enjoying  the cool water. From  the comfort of your open top  vehicle,  you’ll  be able to observe and photograph some of Africa’s  most recognisable faces. The crater is home to a large number of predators,  including  lions, leopards,  cheetahs, jackals and hyenas as well as a large  population of wildebeest,  zebras, antelope,  cope buffalo  and more. it’s  truly one of Africa’s  premier  safaris  destinations.

After  the thrills  and excitement  of the day, you will have a picnic lunch by the park’s famous  hippo pool. Thereafter you will  drive back to Moshi| Arusha .


2 days lake manyara & Ngorongoro safaris takes you to explore lake manyara national park at small but scenic safaris park, excellent for bird watching and a good area to find elephant as well as the potential excitement of spolting a legendary lake manyara tree- climbing  lion, elephant,  giraffe,  buffalo and  wildebeest can be found grazing in unexpected clearings in the

Woodlands or heading towards water sources to drink.


Welcome to meserani snake park in Arusha. The snake park provides various activities, take a guided tour and learn about some of the most dangerous snakes in the world you can view approximately 48 snake species include Black Mamba and Egyptian Cobra.

Also enjoy your personal Masai guide who will take you to spectacular tour of the Masai cultural museum .


Masai village

When you are visiting Tanzania for Kilimanjaro trekking or for wildlife safari in northern game parks, you can always spare some hours or a day or two days to explore Masai culture, visit maasai bomas and get a bit of Tanzania culture.

A day trip to Ilkurot Masai Village at this Maasai Bomas you can do the following, see traditional houses and learn lifestyle of Maasai, ask about their nomadic travel lifestyle, Nomad hunting safaris, get goat slaughtered and barbequed meat, milking cows, experience maasai dances, learn about arts and crafts, you can do Donkey or camel safari around nature trails to see wildlife animals like Giraffes, Zebra, Rabbit, Hyena,Thomson gazelle, dikdik, birds etc

Tours booking duration is half day. https://kiafricaadventure.com/1-day-ngorongoro-crater-safari/



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